DEERFOS abrasive belts now available from Master Abrasives

Midlands-based Master Abrasives has been appointed the official UK converter for Deerfos abrasive belts.

Deerfos was established in 1963 as a manufacturer of coated abrasive products and quickly became a market leader thanks to strict controls for high quality and continuous research and development. Today the company is represented in over 80 countries worldwide with impressive facilities in Poland to serve the European market.

Paul Batson, Managing Director of Master Abrasives, commented “Deerfos has strong research and development teams to provide high quality grinding and finishing materials for all applications. They have products to fit the varying price and quality requirements of customers. Our experienced production team will convert belts from a selection of materials including Ceramic, Zirconium and Aluminium Oxide within a 5-working-day lead time and our sales representatives can provide free of charge samples according to application needs.”

With the addition of Deerfos abrasive belt material, Master Abrasives now offers a complete competitive range of belts manufactured on its site in Northamptonshire. The company can provide a cost-effective metal removal and finishing solution for all industrial applications from its coated abrasives product range along with complete application support.

With customers requiring belts for grinding, contouring and finishing, Master Abrasives’ full range of products covers the specific needs of all three, from high stock removal in certain instances to fine finishes in others. Aerospace, medical, general fabrication, foundries, and mould casting companies all have different specifications to adhere to, so Master Abrasives offers a broad range for different applications.

Turbine blades, for example, present the kind of application that could utilise mounted points, carbide burrs or coated belts. “There’s an alliance between the two techniques for this sort of application and often manufacturing companies will incorporate both to achieve what is required, so our strategy is to offer both along with the suitable power tools,” Paul Batson points out.

Master Abrasives originally set up its coated abrasive product conversion facilities in 1980. Operating from a bespoke 6,500 ft2 facility, a team of multi-skilled staff led by production manager, Carl Lewington, provide the capacity to produce up to 750,000 belts per year on a single shift.

Within the belt conversion process there is an element of engineering and technology in the joints. Overlapped, taped and wavy joints are techniques used by Master Abrasives and can be recommended according to product and application requirements by the technical team. The company also offer specially made products such as wavy edged belts, which allow better access to enclosed corners.

“I believe that within the coated industry we offer our customers exceptional service. Our suppliers tell us they like what we do here and how we do it. We operate professionally in a structured environment and invest where we need to in new products and equipment to improve our services and processes,” said Paul Batson.

“We invite customers to take advantage of our free trial service and application support provided through our experienced technical sales team, whether for Deerfos belts or other abrasive solutions we offer,” he concluded. 

All photos courtesy of Brillpix Photography