Single Point Dressers Will Never Be The Same Again!

As representatives of Meister Abrasives, Midlands-based Master Abrasives is introducing the new cDD single-point stationary dressers to the UK as part of its precision product range.

The new cDD single-point stationary dressers incorporate an advanced design that maintains an invariable dresser to wheel contact ratio throughout thousands of dressing cycles. This results in exceptional process stability, uniform part quality, and reduced costs.
Advantages of the new design include:

  • Unwavering performance over the entire life of the dressing tool
  • Consistent component quality
  • Cool cutting with uniform surface characteristics
  • Outstanding tool life benefits with high potential cost savings

Until now, a common problem to conventional single diamond crystal dressers has been that they can exhibit substantial wear and tip flattening after as few as 100 to 200 dressing cycles. This materially changes the overlap ratio of the dresser on the tool, resulting in inconsistent, fluctuating grinding process performance. Application problems can include grinding burn, dimensional variation, and geometry problems with roundness and concentricity.

Meister’s cDD stationary dressers eliminate these problems. They incorporate one or more CVD rods embedded into a unique, proprietary diamond hybrid-bonding matrix. There is no longer any need to rotate or replace the tool due to dull or blunted contact surfaces between the dressing tool and the grinding wheel thanks to the design of the dresser which allows a constant effective width to be maintained even after thousands of dressing cycles.

Contact Master Abrasives for further information or to arrange for a member of their technical team to visit and assess your application requirements.