Master Abrasives installs surface grinding machine in their showroom

Master Abrasives is bringing in further machines to its showroom in Daventry and its first installation will be the Alex Machine Tools’ NH-500 surface grinding machine, new to the UK. Having the new machine at their facility, Master will offer more comprehensive demonstrations for its range of precision grinding products at its facility.

Master Abrasives is installing Alex Machine Tools’ SL-500 surface grinding machine in its showroom at its premises in Daventry, Northamptonshire this January. This demonstration area was initially set up to show the range of MASTER® precision grinding products, including conventional and superabrasive grinding wheels, diamond dressers and superfinishing products. The high quality, cost-effective MASTER branded products will be available to support any in-house demonstrations and display the potential of both Micromatic and now also Alex Machine Tools’ machines.

ALEX offers a comprehensive range of surface grinding machines, including a reciprocating hydraulically-operated machine, a high-power rotary surface grinder, creep feed machines and a range of precision double disk grinders. The machines include a wide variety of sophisticated elements including computer numerical controls, automatic in-process gauging and other material handling automation, depending on the customer’s application and requirements.

Martin Stevens, Master Abrasives’ Applications Engineer of Grinding Machines & Abrasives, is fully conversant with the latest developments at Alex Machine Tools and the most recent progressions in machine technology. With a background in engineering, Martin has the technical expertise to help customers and offer best solutions for their precision grinding applications.

Ian Meredith, Applications Engineering Manager at Master Abrasives, stated: “Once we have the Alex machine installed, we will be able to offer customers demonstrations and potentially also grind customer parts when required. The demonstration machine will be a great aide in promoting Alex Machine Tools in the UK.” Master Abrasives invite customers to get in contact for technical advice and to discuss their specific grinding application requirements.