Master Abrasives now offering quality Metallography products

In December 2018, Master Abrasives was appointed the UK and Ireland representative for the range of diamond products and solutions for fine grinding, lapping and polishing applications manufactured by Microdiamant AG, based in Lengwil, Switzerland. Now Master Abrasives will be also offering their range of high-quality Metallography products.

Paul Batson, Managing Director of Master Abrasives, stated: “we identified consumables for sample preparation to be a gap in our range and was something we should offer the market in the UK and Ireland. These products will complement our existing product portfolio and enable us to offer a more comprehensive package for laboratories. As the representative of the Microdiamant range of diamond products, it seemed logical for us to also offer their metallography products. Microdiamant’s metallography products are manufactured to highest quality standards. Offering these new products is expected to have a positive impact on the already strong partnership between Master and Microdiamant.”

For many years Microdiamant has been continuously optimising and refining its portfolio to suit customer needs. Microdiamant’s extensive industry know-how leads to the perfect solution and Master will bring their expertise to the UK market. Microdiamant is a privately held company that distributes its product and solution offering through a network of specialised agents, with subsidiaries in approximately 20 countries across Europe, USA and Asia.

The consumables for sample preparation that Master Abrasives now offer include cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing products and accessories. Their cutting blade type have been designed to suit customer and laboratory requirements and at the point of enquiry advice on the ideal set up will be given to ensure that the customer achieves optimal cooling and sample production.

Also offered in the Microdiamant range are hot and cold mounting consumables. As hot mounting consumables, Microdiamant only uses granulates, so that less soiling from dust arises during the machining. Cold mounting consumables are designed for preparing samples of heat-sensitive materials and for the manufacture of multiple individual samples simultaneously. Accessories offered for mounting include silicone moulds, fixing clips and gloves.

Microdiamant also offer grinding solutions, such as resin and metal-bond diamond grinding pads, abrasive paper and grinding foils, and polishing solutions such as diamond slurries, polishing pads, composite polishing pads and diamond compounds in their metallography product range.

Master Abrasives already sells a comprehensive range of abrasives but the addition of Microdiamant products will enable the company to offer a product range better suited for the needs of laboratories and customers with polishing applications. With the added knowledge from Microdiamant, Master Abrasives’ technical representatives can now recommend to customers the best solution to suit their application and production requirements and assist with product trials as required.