Branding refresh and new brochure for Masterflex products

Master Abrasives has released a new Masterflex brochure with its updated branding after many decades of manufacturing high-quality Masterflex products and providing technical application advice.

The new brochure is designed with the Master® brand’s updated look and contains an application guide for the abrasive types and grades. Masterflex products come in points, wheels, discs and sticks. They are versatile products for grinding and finishing as they remove stock from and polish materials, leaving a smooth, uniform finish. They are ideal for providing faster stock removal, minimal loading, a cooler cut and smooth action which reduces vibration and chatter.

Managing Director Paul Batson said: “Improving competitiveness through better productivity is a major factor driving business in the UK. Our message is that we will work with customers to find the best solution to their application, whether that’s a standard-stock item or a specially developed design for the application.

“We have a team of experienced technical sales representatives that can help assess the application requirements and a manufacturing team that works on developing the most cost-efficient production method with Masterflex products.”

Master Abrasives on-site manufacturing team converts slabs of cotton-bonded material into the Masterflex products that users love. These materials are available in soft or hard bonds, the soft bond GFX being ideal for blending and finishing and the hard bond MTX well-suited to applications requiring stock removal. Masterflex points and wheels are kept in stock in a variety of popular sizes and grades.