Technical Application Support

Our employees and their technical expertise are what distinguish us in providing application solutions. Our team of technical sales representatives offers professional advice on applications for selecting the right abrasives and tools for grinding and finishing. They all have a background in engineering and have acquired exceptional industry knowledge; each one adds value with their own area of expertise. They can assess your application and needs and work with you to develop both the product and process with a view to reducing your costs.

The team here at Master is varied: we have some newer personnel and apprentices as well as employees who have been with the company for over 40 years. Some members of our management team have had roles in both skilled labour and technical management positions and we have a great team supporting our export initiative, including employees with language skills.

Offering high-quality products at competitive prices through the Master product range backed by a professional and technical service, we aim to provide ultimate solutions for industry.

Download our Precision Product Application Data Sheet from our Certificates & Forms page and submit your operation details to our team for advice on your application.

Applications Engineering Team

We have a dedicated team to strengthen the applications support we provide and support customers interested in mass finishing, grinding machines and other technical products such as precision abrasive finishing tapes and diamond grinding wheels.

Our Applications Engineering Manager, Ian Meredith leads the applications engineering team. Ian has vast experience in a range of applications as a qualified apprentice-trained engineer with many years’ experience in the bearing industry and subsequently the diamond dressing tool and abrasive industry. He is also involved with continual development in the Master product range, with the aim to provide grinding and finishing solutions to application problems that engineers often come across in different market sectors.

Kelly Warrington, our Customer Services Team Leader, provides vital assistance from the office for applications engineering support. Kelly has been working closely with Ian in providing customer quotes and information on the Master precision product range. 

Talk to our customer service team on 01327-703813 for more information or to arrange a visit from your technical sales representative.

Master Abrasives applications support

Our applications engineers can provide technical advice on the grinding process

 Ian Meredith, Applications Engineering Manager

Ian Meredith, Applications Engineering Manager and leader of the Applications Engineering Team

Kelly Warrington, Sales Co-ordinator

Kelly Warrington, our Customer Services Team Leader provides vital assistance from the office as part of the Applications Engineering Team