Honing stones

We offer abrasive honing stones for precision tubular components and cylinder liners in metal, resin and vitrified bonds.

Metal Bond 

Metal bond CBN and diamond honing stones are especially suited for efficient machining of materials such as case hardened steel (approx. 60±2 HRC), high-alloy steels, cast iron (GG25 to GGG60) bronze, brass and other non-ferrous heavy metals and various ceramics (e.g., silicon nitride, aluminium oxide).

Resin Bond

Although resinoid bonds may be used, most superfinishing products are made with vitrified bonds which are used to manufacture tightly controlled products. Vitrified bonds are excellent for automated processes. These bonds are “self-dressing” and eliminate the need to periodically interrupt production to conduct offline dressing operations. Darmann has developed a number of bonds specifically designed for fine grit, bonded abrasive products.

Vitrified Bond

We have been working with Darmann Abrasives as their sole UK representatives for over 10 years, resulting in an effective and strong working relationship. Darmann provide vitrified, resin and metal bonded products for use in superfinishing, precision grinding and honing processes. Their wheel and stone products are ideal for the manufacture of parts for the automotive, diesel, bearing, and medical industries worldwide.