Grinding machines

We are a UK and Ireland agent for Supfina, Germany’s Innovation Leader in superfinishing and grinding machines.

No matter the tolerance or requirements, Supfina has decades of process know-how and machine tool building experience to meet high-precision needs and improve efficiency and profitability. Together with Master Abrasives’ decades of experience in precision applications, this strong team of experts will provide some outstanding solutions. 

Supfina have solutions for superfinishing, precision grinding, attachments and automation through the use of robotics, with options from stand-alone machines to complete production line. To complete the package, machines retrofit, update and servicing can be undertaken.

Supfina's machinery offers:

  - Superfinishing 
       - Superfinishing
       - Flat Finishing

- Precision Abrasive Machining
       - Fine Grinding
       - Double-Disk Grinding

  - Attachments and Tools
       - Superfinishing Attachments
       - Tools

  - Precision Robotics Machining
       - Automation
       - Robotics

Supfina’s efficient industry solutions are created with a combination of lateral thinking and experience from a wide range of industries, including automotive, roller bearings, aerospace, medical and many more. Additionally, the company is doing their part to protect the environment and thanks to a solar system installed in 2021, has already saved tremendous amounts of CO2 emissions.

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Machinery & Equipment brochure

Machinery & Equipment brochure

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