Mounted Points

We offer a comprehensive range of mounted points from our own Master brand.


Master mounted points are available in all FEPA standard "A", "W" and "B" shapes, as well as specialised shapes. With grades for every industry and market, they are suitable for many applications from fast stock removal to fine finishing.

The mounted points are manufactured from aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and ceramic grains. Master mounted points are available both in vitrified and resin bonds. 

Vitrified bond

We offer a range of standard shapes from stock in vitrified bond with other shapes and specials available on request. A range of grades has been developed to suit various applications - including aerospace and automotive. 

Resin bond

Our range of Master resin bonded mounted points are well-suited to applications requiring heavy stock removal, such as foundry.

Other materials

Cotton, rubber, unitised, electroplated and felt points are also available.


Mounted Points Kits

Master mounted point kits offer a selection of shapes for a variety of applications including general purpose die work.


  • 60 grit
  • Pink abrasive
  • 6mm shanks

Shapes included in the kit are W176, W187, W195, W205, W207, W236, B121, B42, B52, A3 mini, A12 and A15. 


Our team of technical representatives can work at developing a special design specifically to suit your application, for example special mounted point shapes and non-standard grades.

Long Shank Mounted Points

Within our extensive range we also offer a selection of Master mounted points with long shanks to allow access to hard-to-reach areas and solve long reach application problems.


Master Mounted Points brochure

Master Mounted Points brochure

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Product Kits flyer

Product Kits flyer

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