MVK-line Tools

MVK-line GmbH is a German manufacturer of high-quality precision micromotor deburring, finishing equipment and controllers.  Their equipment is designed and built with sophisticated technology, reliability and ergonomic design.

MVK-line strive to find solutions for complex industrial problems and therefore has become one of the most important innovation partners of manufacturers in various industries. Their tools have been an essential part of the aerospace industry for many well-known customers since 2006 in areas such as engine technology.

Master Abrasives is an official UK representative of MVK-line products.

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We also offer maintenance and repair on the full range of MVK-line tools. Read more about our tool repair service or contact us to book your tool service. 

Airliner One - Elec Bonding Set

MVK-line have also developed a battery power spot facing tool which is ideal for airframe manufacture and servicing, this tool already has Airbus approval.

There are several benefits to this piece of equipment:-

      - provides considerable cost savings on power usage as pneumatic air is very expensive to generate

      - lighter and better suited to difficult to reach work faces

      - quieter than the air tool alternatives

      - HAV levels are lower

      - no trailing airlines or power cords.


MVK Silver Edition

MVK Silver Edition

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MVK AirlinerOne

MVK AirlinerOne

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