Manufactured on-site at our Daventry facility in a wide variety of materials and sizes, Master belts are suitable for use on both portable and stationary machines in a range of grinding and finishing applications.

  • A full range of grit sizes available
  • Widths from 3mm – 1320mm available
  • 5 working days delivery (based on material availability)*
  • Extensive stock range of raw materials
  • Paper and cloth backed materials available

Our belts are suitable for surface grinding and finishing of metals, sanding and finishing wood, and general blending and finishing.

Surface conditioning belts are also available for applications requiring less aggressive cutting action and finer finishes. See further resources below.

Tape and lap joints, straight and wavy edges are all available according to your requirements. We offer converted belts from the high-quality materials by brands such as 3M, Deerfos, sia and Norton. 


Our high-quality belts produced especially for pneumatic file belt sanders are complemented by the cost-effective range of ZIPP belt sanders.


*Delivery time for belts wider than 300mm is 4-5 working weeks

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Master Product Range brochure

Master Product Range brochure

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