HAV Services

Our HAV services include HAV testing, and HAV Monitoring Systems. We also offer training on HAV.

HAV Testing

Employers are required by law to assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to Hand Arm Vibration (HAV), protecting employees from risks to their health. 

A key part of any HAV Management Process is to measure the vibration magnitude of the tools you have on-site while they are in use, in accordance with ISO 5349-2.

When HAV testing tools, we generate a database of the all of the tools you have on-site. The data stored includes:

  • Make and model of tool
  • Location of tool
  • Condition
  • Consumables used with the tool
  • The vibration magnitude

A detailed and unbiased report is compiled using the test data and the results of this can be used as part of your risk assessment.

This information produces a full inventory of all the tools on site, records of HAV testing and if required a complete history of the tools service history.

Tools can also be tagged with identity and vibration magnitude and colour-coded according to their risk. 

Once you have the HAV test data you can then start to plan a management package to control HAV issues on-site, such as job rotation, application review, sourcing lower vibration tools and consumables and regular servicing of tools. The next step to protecting your employees from HAV is implementing a HAV monitoring system.

HAV Monitoring Systems

To help manage HAV information and monitor employees exposure levels, we offer systems that can be considered personal protective equipment (PPE) for HAV.

A full HAV management system can quantify daily HAV exposure. Trigger time monitors display when the EAV and ELV have been reached, ensuring employees can be kept safe from the effects of HAV.

On-site demonstrations on the use of these monitoring systems can be arranged. Contact us for further information.