Metal Bond

Metal bonded products being the most dense of the bond systems and having varying amounts of cobalt in its matrix makes these products very hard wearing but also at times challenging to work with.


We offer a full range of products in metal bonds with varying degrees of cobalt to suit the most arduous of applications such as grinding composites, ceramics or glass as well as dressing applications.

Metal bonds are extremely dense and much harder than resin bonded wheels. These wheels grind much slower and generate much more heat, hence they would normally be used under flood coolant conditions.

Due to their inherent hardness they do retain their shape and size under extreme conditions. However, the bond is not very free cutting and can be difficult to true and dress.


  • Good grit retention for longer wheel life


 The largest application area for this bond system is in the grinding of non-metallic materials such as:

  • glass
  • quartz
  • stone
  • composites

The construction industry in general is one of the largest market sectors utilising metal bonded products. 


Master Superabrasives Products Brochure

Master Superabrasives Products Brochure

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3M Diamond and CBN Tools brochure

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