Diamond Form Rollers

Our diamond form rolls are used to shape grinding wheels in automatically controlled CNC dressing operations, profiling grinding wheels by moving the diamond form roll along the required contour. These dressers not only meet exacting precision demands but offer high economic efficiency.


Rotary Diamond Dressers

Our rotary diamond dressers shape grinding wheels efficiently in the shortest possible time, profiling grinding wheels in one step through plunge grinding. They allow profiling from the simplest workpiece to the most complicated shape and meet exacting precision demands.

Hand Sets

We offer a complete range of hand set dressing tools, produced by infiltration in the reverse method. These types of tools can meet critical tolerance levels and are particularly suitable for profiles with intricate links that cannot be produced by the reverse plated method.

Reverse Plated Dressers

Reverse plated diamond dressers have gone through an electro-deposition process that is stable and unaffected by shrinkage, which results in rotary diamond dressers of exceptional accuracy.

With our reverse plated diamond dressers, diamond grain is actively involved in the dressing action, providing a long service life. These types of rolls are used for intricate profiles and tighter tolerances where surface finish is important.