We offer both spirobands (no lap bands) and abrasive bands from our Master brand.


Abrasive Bands

Master abrasive bands are manufactured with an overlap joint and are used on our industrial quality spindle mounted rubber holders.


Our aluminium oxide abrasive bands are available for general surface finishing and deburring. They are also manufactured in zirconia grades for heavy stock removal and high cut rates and in ceramic oxide grades for heavy duty grinding, both available on request.


Master abrasive bands are for use in grinding applications on steels and non-ferrous materials, especially in applications where access is limited.

See our price list for list pricing and contact our customer service team for any further information.


Also known as "no lap bands", are wrapped around bands made of strengthened coated, cloth-backed material.


Available in aluminium oxide or zirconium, in various sizes and grit sizes. 


Our range can be used to finish hard-to-reach areas and remove imperfections and burrs on surfaces. Spirobands are most suitable for polishing and blending contours when smooth running is a primary concern.