Vitrified Bond

Vitrified bondings are basically composed of glass. The bondings are mixed in powdered form along with the CBN or diamond abrasive. Each component of the mix is precisely determined by the required characteristics of the finished wheel and are tightly controlled in the process. The resulting bond is tough and wear resistant, which makes vitrified bonded wheels ideal for extended wheel life and form holding.


As the only UK agents for Meister Abrasives products, we offer the complete range of vitrified bonded CBN and diamond grinding wheels for internal and external grinding applications. Wheels can be manufactured in sizes from Ø0.75mm to over Ø1200mm. Our engineers work closely with you and with the Meister team to custom design each grinding wheel specifically to your unique application. Meister specialise in cold pressed vitrified products and have their own in-house development team who are constantly working on products and process development.



Master Superabrasives brochure

Master Superabrasives brochure

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