Nickel Bond (Electroplated)

The Electroplated product has a single layer of the superabrasive crystals which are encapsulated by a layer of nickel plating onto a steel core.


We offer all FEPA shapes and sizes as well as special forms to suit customer applications, providing a solution-based design. We can offer a simple strip and re-plate service or a complete solution.

As part of our offering we can supply varied specialised high precision forms and also diamond or CBN plated onto carbide blanks for extra rigidity.

Once worn out nickel bond products can be stripped and replated as long as the steel core has not been damaged. Plated wheels are not normally dressed but can be cleaned with a brush or abrasive stick if loading takes place.

Features and benefits

  • Economic for short runs 
  • Very open and aggressive grinding action offering fast metal removal 
  • Can be stripped and replated


  • Ideal for complex forms such as gears and some aerospace components
  • The only product that will effectively cut plastic and fibreglass without loading or glazing


Master Superabrasives brochure

Master Superabrasives brochure

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