Grinding Machines

We are a UK and Ireland agent for UVA LIDKÖPING AB, a worldwide leading global supplier of high-precision grinding machines. We offer centreless infeed and throughfeed, face, external, internal, rib face as well as simultaneous grinding machines from UVA LIDKÖPING.

With a wide variety of industries that will hugely benefit from these partnerships and improving manufacturing efficiency, it’s the perfect time to provide more cost-effective solutions. Master Abrasives can also now help companies to refurbish and maintain their UVA machinery, offering to restore grinding machines to their precise state as if they were new. This will help to improve machine reliability, increase production output, quality and optimise the precision of the grinding machine. 

UVA customers are found among fuel injection technologies and other industries where the demands for productivity, precision and rational production methods are exceptional. Their machines are suitable for grinding workpieces with dimensions between 0.5mm - 160mm.

Sister brand, LIDKÖPING, offers solutions for customers in the bearing and automotive industry, where the highly automated manufacturing processes place great demands on productivity, precision and cost efficiency. The wide range of high precision grinding machines is suitable for workpieces with dimensions between 5mm - 820mm combined with several grinding processes.

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Machinery & Equipment brochure

Machinery & Equipment brochure

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