Convolute Wheels

Convolute wheels have a semi-open and uniform structure with a bonded non-woven abrasive material, making them ideal for consistent and aggressive finishing action.

On application, convolute wheels are cool-cutting and will not modify the properties of metals and special alloys.


The Master range of convolute products is continually being reviewed and developed to suit the ever-changing demands of our customers worldwide.


Master convolute wheels are available in a variety of grades for various applications:

    •  VA is a very aggressive wheel with effective
       removing capacity
    •  MA is a medium aggressive wheel ideal for
       a good and uniform finish
    •  LA is a low aggressive wheel ideal for effective
       and consistent finishing
    •  NA is a non-aggressive wheel ideal for an
       effective and consistent finishing

For each grade, the non-woven material is available in silicon carbide and aluminium oxide abrasive.


Convolute wheels are suitable for fine finishing in the medical industry and removing burrs and surface defects on turbine blades in aerospace applications.



We also offer the Standard Abrasives brand of convolute wheels. See the Standard Abrasives product catalogue and reference guide for further information on grades available.



Contact the Master Abrasives customer service team for your quote or for any applications support.


Master Convolute wheels flyer

Master Convolute wheels flyer

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Standard Abrasives Catalogue

Standard Abrasives Catalogue

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