Tape Finishers

As well as stone and ball finishers, we offer tape finishers manufactured by Supfina, Germany’s Innovation Leader in superfinishing and grinding machines. We are an authorised representative in the UK and Ireland for Supfina.

There are suitable tape finisher models for integration into small, medium or large grinding machines for superfinishing of ground and finely turned surfaces. In addition to rotationally symmetrical shapes, flat surfaces can also be processed. The machines can take a tape ranging from under 25 to 150 mm, depending on the model. 

Both pneumatic and electric tape finishers available. In addition to dry machining, rinsing with oil and emulsion is possible with some finisher models.

We will be happy to advise you on which finisher is best suited for your application.

Find out more about Sufina’s finishers and the different models available

Supfina 210
Supfina 214
Supfina Fact
Supfina 208
Supfina 202/204